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Dodgers RBI Features:

  • Uniforms & Equipment
  • Field Maintenance
  • Coaches Training
  • Special Events
  • Education & Wellness Programs

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Welcome To Dodgers RBI!

A cornerstone program of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF), Dodgers RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) is  a full-fledged baseball/softball youth development program for children ages 5-18. Dodgers RBI is more than just a recreational baseball/softball league. LADF provides uniforms, equipment, recruitment assistance, supplemental marketing assistance, coaches training, special events, and education and health resources.

The Goals of Dodgers RBI are to: 

  1. To increase participation and interest in Baseball and Softball among under resourced youth
  2. To use the sport as an engagement tool in order to increase access to educational resources and increase understanding of educational opportunities among program participants.
  3. To use the sport as an engagement tool in order to increase access to health resources and increase positive attitudes towards exercise and healthy habits among program participants.
  4. To provide a safe and fun atmosphere for play while promoting positive character development among program participants.

Thanks to the following partnerships, Dodgers RBI will serve 7,500 boys and girls across 56 locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. 2017 Partners include:

- City of Inglewood - Parks, Recreation and Library Service Department 

- City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks 

- City of Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation & Marine

- County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation - East County Community Services Agency 

- County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation South County Community Services Agency

- Hollywood Indies Little League 

- Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club

- Boys & Girls Club of Venice 

- East Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club

- Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy 

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